Kaasht of any type can have these abilities. They range from the simple, to the complex. There are many types, but some are rare or uncommon.

To find out how many abilities your kaasht can have, read How Abilities Work.

Ability Search Allows the kaasht to find out what a kit's abilities are
Attention Slip Allows a kaasht to have another kaasht's attention slip away from it
Bloody Fury The kaasht becomes enraged, and will stop at nothing to kill its opponent can only be used if someone the kaasht loves or friend(s) are in danger... or if the enemy is perceived evil
Combine The kaasht can combine different attributes of different species of Kaasht. Very tiring, and can only be used for a short time
Dream Allows the kaasht to enter another kaasht's dream not common
Eagle Eye The kaasht can see in detail for up to 3 miles away It's nothing compared to the Eye of the Falcon
Element Allows the kaasht to be able to use a small bit of Elemental energy from their species' Elemental Rare.
Ensnare The ability for a kaasht to hold its enemy with air.
Eyes of the Past The kaasht can see into the past of another kaasht not common
Find Food The kaasht is able to find any food that is in the area.
Find Home The ability to find a place you recognize, no matter where you are.
Healing Touch By the touch of the Kaasht paw, either its own injuries, or another is healed
Hyper Sense The kaasht has super senses of smell, hearing, taste, touch, and sight.
Illusion The kaasht can make a realistic illusion.
Invisibility The ability to be invisible... cannot harm another in this form
Link Two Kaasht can link their abilities and energy together, strengthening their abilities other kaasht doesn't need to have this ability
Mimic The kaasht can assume the likeness of any kaasht it meets.
Percieve The kaasht is able to sense the use of another kaasht's abilities Guards of large cities must have this ability
Razor Claw Claws and teeth become razor sharp.
Recognise The kaasht is able to recognize what type of kaasht teeth and claws have come from. Merchants must have this ability
Reflex Super fast reflexes
Sense Allows the kaasht to sense what another kaasht's abilities are Can't sense all abilities
Shackle The kaasht can block an attacker's abilities Rough on the kaasht and not common
Shape Change The ability to shape change into the form of a living creature that is the same size or smaller than the kaasht's own
Speak The ability to speak in any tongue, including to animals.
Shell The kaasht is able to put a shield around itself that can protect it from magical attacks.
Shield Protects the kaasht against another Kaasht's physical abilities.
Shocking Grasp This ability allows the kaasht to send a strong electric current through its paws or tail into an enemy
Silent Step The ability to walk anywhere without making a sound.
Slumber Allows the kaasht to make another kaasht fall asleep.
Spirit Call This ability allows a kaasht to call an ancestor's spirit for advice or guidance Doesn't mean that they will come
Tekniblur A blast of brilliant bright colors flies from the Kaasht. It can be used to either knock out or blind the enemy.
Telepathy The ability to mentally talk to any kaasht within a 5 to 10 mile radius not common
Track The kaasht is able to track annother kaasht that is many days ahead of him.
Travel Allows the kaasht to 'wink' long distances in a very short amount of time not very common
Walk the Spyral A kaasht can walk the Spyral, either finding out their past, or something small, but important about their future Another taxing one the kaasht, but can be worth it... is also a rare ability
Ward Allows the kaasht to do general spells that are not abilities.
Wind Call The kaasht can call for help, and the wind will carry it to any Kaasht around. Kaasht doesn't necessarily get help... might call enemies instead