Desert Kaasht abilities run in the range of glass, sand, and spirit. They also have the random abilities that all kaasht have, such as a dragon form, a blade ability, and abilities that only a Desert Kaasht can have such as Sand Ball.

To determine how many abilities your kaasht can have, read How Abilities Work

Automatic Desert Kaasht Ability:
Camel Feet - The kaasht doesn't sink at in the sand - it is like normal ground

Dance with the Spirits The kaasht is able to call up a dead kaasht's spirit, and then joins with it, allowing the kaasht the spirit's abilities plus its own. Lasts only for a few hours, and is extremely tiring after it is done. Some can die from it.
Dune The kaasht sends a huge dune of sand at its enemy.
Glass Blade A blade from melted sand... or glass.
Glass Dragon The kaasht is able to become a dragon that can manipulate sand, glass or dirt. Becomes the same size as the kaasht.
Glass Fire The kaasht pounds his feet onto the sand, and the sand erupts into flames. The kaasht controls the fire, and at the end of it, whatever sand caught fire becomes glass.
Howling Voice Close to the same thing as 'God Voice' from the Plains Kaasht, except it is carried on the wind.
Lashing Sand Stinging sand whips at the enemy.
Leaping Run Much like 'Hare Leap' from the Plains Kaasht, the kaasht can run in great bound strides.
Matching Sand The invoker can blend into the said regardless of color.
Retain Water/Fats The ability to keep any water or food stored in the body.
Sand Ball A great ball of sand arises, and the invoker throws it at the enemy... much like 'Feather Ball' from the Sky Kaasht.
Sand Blast The invoker kicks up sand, and the sand comes together and knocks into the enemy.
Sand Storm The kaasht calls up a sand storm.
Sand Kaasht The kaasht changes to sand.
Sand Shard Sand around the kaasht heaves up, and melts, forming shards of glass which is thrown at the enemy.
Sinking Sand The sand beneath the enemy becomes soft, and the enemy begins to sink.
Sonic Blast The kaasht roars, and the sound is magnified so much that it can deafen the enemy, or knock it unconscious.
Snake Crawl The invoker can sneak up on anyone without being heard.
Spirit Blast The kaasht sends a blast of spirit energy at their enemy.
Spirit Shadow The kaasht is able to make a likeness of itself using Spirit Energy.