Mountain Kaasht abilities run in the range of snow, ice, and rock. They also have the random abilities that all kaasht have, such as a dragon form, a blade ability, and abilities that only a Mountain Kaasht can have such as Ice Breath.

To determine how many abilities your kaasht can have, read How Abilities Work

Automatic Mountain Kaasht Ability:
Feet of the Gecko - This ability allows the kaasht to stick to any surface

Avalanche Invokes a small avalanche. Invoker is not protected.
Blend The kaasht can blend into either the snow or rock.
Bloody Claws The kaasht's claws become blood red, and can cause a horrible, potentially life threatening infection if they slice open skin.
Boulder The kaasht calls a large boulder and sends it at its enemy.
Death Grip Allows the kaasht to grip anything with their tail.
Ground Rocks The kaasht calls rocks, pebbles, etc. from under the enemy.
Hide Tracks The kaasht is able to hide their footprints in the snow.
High Leap The kaasht can leap onto high ledges.
Ice Breath The kaasht can breath ice onto an enemy.
Ice Claws The kaasht's claws turn as cold as ice, and freeze whatever they touch.
Ice Sheen The kaasht is able to turn the ground beneath its enemy to ice.
Rock Blade The kaasht can make a blade of rock.
Rock Dragon The kaasht is able to change into a dragon that can manipulate earth. Becomes the same size as the kaasht.
Shatter Allows the kaasht to explode any nearby rocks, thereby casting the sharp shards all around. This ability can hurt the invoker.
Snowball The kaasht calls a huge ball of snow and brings it against an enemy.
Snowshoe The kaasht can walk on snow without sinking.
Snow Storm The invoker calls up a blinding blizzard... but can't control it.
Split Rock Close to the Plains Kaasht' 'Open Ground' it splits open the rock, either for an attack or to find something.
Super Strength The kaasht has temporary super strength.
Turn on a Dime This ability allows the kaasht to turn quickly without falling.