Old Mystic abilities run in the range of spirit. They also have the random abilities that all kaasht have, such as a dragon form, a blade ability, and abilities that only an Old Mystic can have such as Spirit Wings.

To determine how many abilities your kaasht can have, read How Abilities Work

Automatic Old Mystic Ability:
Tiger's Eye - The kaasht is able to hide no matter where they are and is able to move freely... he camouflages with anything he is up against instantly.

Eye's Trick The kaasht is able to trick the eye of another kaasht into thinking they are not there.
False Tracks The kaasht is able to make a false set of tracks while he goes in a different direction.
Ruse Like the Desert Kaasht' 'Spirit Shadow' - the kaasht is able to make an illusion of itself, while the invoker is actually carefully hidden.
Spirit The kaasht is able to become a spirit... so it can either walk, talk, or whatever with them.
Spirit Blade A blade of Spirit Energy.
Spirit Cannon Like the Desert Kaasht' 'Spirit Blast', but way stronger.
Spirit Dragon The kaasht can turn into a dragon that can manupulate Spirit Energy Becomes the same size as the kaasht.
Spirit Energy The kaasht is able to have extra Spirit Energy so it can hold its abilities longer, run further, etc.
Spirit Kaasht The kaasht is able to become a ball of Spirit Energy... their choice if they want to attack or not..
Spirit Wings The kaasht is able to have wings made of Spirit Energy... yes, it can fly. Doesn't last long.