Welcome to the Color Spyral, a messageboard based roleplaying game. The game is set on a world known as Tryne, and is centered around the strange intelligent species found there - the catlike Coronakaasht, and the hyenalike Minena. The Coronakaasht come in fourteen different breeds, and the minena two. Each one has its own distinct personality and social structure.

Great to have you around! Here's some basic info to help you get started:

Don't be intimidated by the huge amount of information on the site, or if you've never RPed before. It's not as hard as it looks and you don't have to memorise every single detail! For a list of the absolutely essential information that you need to know, go to the Essential Info page. It contains the absolute bare minimum of information you'll need to get started.

Need some help on how to post? Read up on How To Post. It's a good idea to read existing threads on the RP board to get a feel for how it's done.

What can you do on Tryne? What's the plot? What can your character be? Well, pretty much anything you'd like! You can be a fighter, a traveller, a member of one of Tryne's many special organisations - be creative and have fun! Hope to see you around the boards!

(A word of warning: Whilst most RP threads on the board are usually quite tame, combat scenes and violent threads will often crop up. Most of the time, these do not get excessively bloody, however, gorey scenes can and do happen. Whilst it is by no means required that you enter a bloody thread, please be aware that other people may be writing violent posts. There is no age limit to the RP, but we ask that you are mature enough to handle this)