The Colour Spyral is played out by messageboard. One person posts what their character does, other people can reply, and the story is played out. It's a bit like writing a story with the other people you are playing with. To see how it works, check out the RPG board

Please don't start to RP your character until Aeireono or Phoenix, the character approvers ( says your character is okay.

To start a new thread, simply type out what your character is doing. Type in third person, eg: "(character name) walked down the street" Don't use first person, eg "I walked down the street". Again, just imagine you're writing a story, because essentially, that's what you're doing! Try to make your post as long as you possibly can (but don't waffle and repeat yourself). Detail is good! Write out what's happening to your character - what are they doing, how do they feel? It's also a good idea to describe what they look like and what species they are, as people will appreciate knowing that. As a rule of thumb, we aim to write at least three paragraphs per post -- less is acceptable if there isn't much going on, but don't make them too short and try not to consistantly write too little. Please use correct grammar and spelling - eg don't replace 'you' with 'u' or whatever. It's okay to make accidental typos but purposefully misspelling words is annoying.

Then you can just sit back and wait for someone to reply! Don't worry if it takes a while, don't expect someone to reply in the next five minutes. It can take days. Remember that detailed posts are also more likely to get replies. Also remember that to maintain continuity, your character can be in only one thread at a time.

If you want to join in an existing threads that's been going on for a while, please ask first. People don't always appreciate new characters waking in in the middle of an established RP thread. Also please note that some threads may be planned threads - the players only wanted certain characters in them. They will normally make a note of this in the first post of the thread, but if you aren't sure, just ask!

Threads don't last forever and it's a good idea to keep logs of them if you want to keep them going. Closed threads are moved to the Archive board where they may be read, but not posted to.

There are certain terms used in RPing that may be unfamiliar to you - eg 'OOC', 'IC' and 'twinking'. Here's what they mean:

'OOC' - Stands for 'out of character'. OOC posts and comments are things you say as you, not your character. If you post an OOC comment in one of your posts, put it in brackets eg: (OOC: comment). Please try to keep OOC to a minimum on the RP boards, as we have an OOC board for most OOC chatter.

'IC' - Stands for 'in character'. Obviously the opposide of OOC. An IC post is a post you make as your character.

'Twinking' - Also known as 'power gaming' and 'god moding'. Generally, it's being unfair when RPing. Taking over somebody else's character and posting something they do is an example. Read more about twinking on the Fair RPing page

Well, I think that's it! If anything's still confusing you, check the Rules and FAQ or ask on the OOC board.