Beach Kaasht abilities run in the range of water and swimming. They also have the random abilities that all kaasht have, such as a dragon form, a blade ability, and abilities that only a Beach Kaasht can have such as Water Blast.

To determine how many abilities your kaasht can have, read How Abilities Work

Automatic Beach Kaasht Ability:
Fish Breath - Allows the kaasht to breath underwater

Body Heat The kaasht can stay warm under cold water
Boiling Paw A lot like Water Claw, but the whole paw becomes boiling water
Call Fish The invoker is able to call fish - only fish, not any other creature - to themselves, and catch it
Change Water The ability to change either salty or poisoned water to clean water
Dolphin Swim Allows the invoker to swim both under and above water extremely well
Floating Feet The invoker is able to walk on top of calm water
Hook Claws The claws become like hooks - allows the kaasht to catch fish, or can be used as a deadly weapon
Liquid Kaasht Same as the Cave Kaasht ability - the kaasht can become liquid
Silent Splash The kaasht can walk in any type of water without making a splash
Sink Allows the kaasht to sink an enemy that has entered the water
Waterproof The kaasht's fur becomes waterproof
Water Blade Enables the kaasht to make a blade of water
Water Blast The kaasht call water from the closest source to ram against the enemy
Water Claw The kaasht's claws become water, which turns to boiling water, to both burn and slice the enemy
Water Dragon The kaasht becomes a dragon that can use water. Becomes the same size as the kaasht
Water Geyser The kaasht can call a geyser of water under the enemy
Water Eyes The kaasht can see underwater
Water Illusion The kaasht is able to make a small illusion out of water, or give the illusion that there is water nearby
Water Slam The kaasht calls water and brings it against its enemy
Water Trip The kaasht sets a trip line of water, hopefully tripping the enemy