Isle Kaasht abilities run in the range of death, water, and bones. They also have the random abilities that all kaasht have, such as a dragon form, a blade ability, and abilities that only a Isle Kaasht can have such as Flesh Golem.

To determine how many abilities your kaasht can have, read How Abilities Work

Automatic Isle Kaasht Ability:
Mirror Pelage - Invoker's fur reflects its surroundings, making it nearly invisible - but unlike Invisibility, the kaasht can use attacks

Berserker like 'Bloody Fury' but the enemy need not be perceived as evil
Bone Blade The kaasht gains a blade of bone
Bone Shards like 'Coral Shards', but casts sharp pieces of bone. 'Can only be used on/near land
Coral Shards Jagged pieces of coral are cast at an enemy Can only be used in/near water
Creeping Flesh Causes the enemy to feel like insects are crawling under its skin, similar to the Valley Kaasht's 'Itch'
Decay Dart Invoker's fur becomes tiny spines, which can be shot at an enemy, and cause flesh to decay on contact
Decay Dragon Invoker becomes a skeletal dragon that can summon the dead, and whose breath causes decay. Becomes the same size as the kaasht.
Dive with Ease Allows invoker to dive to crushing depths without harm, and surface quickly without getting the bends
Earthquake Causes a small earthquake
Extend Time The kaasht can speed up its own time-perception, so that to it the world seems to slow down, while to others it seems to move with lightning speed and reflexes
Flesh Golem Invoker can bring a corpse (usually small) to life, and can even put parts of different dead critters together and make a Frankenstein-type creature. Often used by kits to make 'pets' for themselves
Fountain of Youth The enemy grows rapidly younger until it is a kit. Temporary
Fusion The kaasht can fuse two kaasht - itself and another kaasht, or two other kaasht - together into one kaasht for a short period of time. The fused kaasht is stronger than and has all the abilities of the kaasht that were fused together, and if the the two kaasht had different base colors, the fused kaasht will be a multicolor. After the kaasht separate they will be greatly weakened, and they will often experience a residual effect where each will feel what the other kaasht feels, so if one is injured, so is the other, as if their bodies were still one. This may last anywhere from a few minutes to nearly a month, and on very rare occasions, even for years after. Rare
Long Breath Invoker can hold his/her breath for up to an hour
Phase Invoker can pass through solid objects, or can avoid physical attacks
Phobia Causes the enemy to be irrationally terrified
Summon Beasts Like the Valley Kaasht' 'Critter Call' but usually brings predators, and can call aquatic creatures too
Tsunami Like the Purple colour ability 'Water Wave', but can only be used near/in water, and is somewhat weaker
Werelight Invoker causes an object to glow brightly, giving light to see by in darkness, for about an hour
Withering Ancient The enemy grows rapidly older until it is an aged Elder. Temporary