Generally, kits are only born one at a time, much like humans - kaasht do not have litters like other animals do. Twins and triplets do occur, although they are fairly uncommon (though not so rare as in humans).

Beach and Mountain kits Tundra and Valley Kits Cave and Desert Kits
Beach and Mountain kits Tundra and Valley kits Cave and Desert kits

Kaasht continue to grow throughout their lives, only reaching their full height at Level 8. A kaasht can live for a few years past 200, although they will not gain any more abilities.

As a rough guide, each level for a kaasht is roughtly the same as ten years for a human. For example, Level 1, ages 0-24, is the same as ages 0-10 for a human. Level 2, ages 25-49, is the same as 10-20 for a human, and so on. A kaasht is generally considered to be a kit while in Level 1 and for the first few years of Level 2, an adolescent for the rest of Level 2, and from then on, an adult. Elders are generally kaasht in the final few levels, usually 7 and 8.

As a rough guide, 2.4 kaasht years is equal to one human year.

However - upon reaching adulthood, a kaasht does not age like a human. Adult kaasht do not physically age - unless of course you count growing bigger and taller! Therefore, a level 8 kaasht may be the same as an 80 year old human, but they are much stronger. Indeed, Elder kaasht will generally be the strongest and smartest, which is why they are usually found leading clans and ruling cities.

Kaasht do eventually physically deteriorate, but not until a few months before they die. This means that old kaasht realise they are about to die, so as to get things in order and prepare themselves.

How long does it take for a kit to be born you ask? How long is a gestation period? Well to be honest, for each type it's different. The Desert kaasht are HUGE so its gonna take longer than for an Isle kaasht. Here's how it goes... from shortest to longest:

Isle Kaasht 9 months
Cave Kaasht 12 months
Tundra Kaasht 13 months
Mountain Kaasht 15 months
Sky Kaasht 17 months
Valley Kaasht 18 months
Plateau Kaasht 18 months
Beach Kaasht 19 months
Lunar Kaasht 20 months
Forest Kaasht 20 months
Marsh Kaasht 22 months
Old Mystics 24 months
Plains Kaasht 27 months
Desert Kaasht 30 months