Male Kaasht (Kaaerd) are the larger of the two sexes. Generally more powerful, they are often the ones who will hunt for the Clan, and will be the ones to destroy enemies and fight. Males are different from females in many ways. One way is their mane. As male kaasht grows older, he grows a mane around his neck. By the time that they are old, males will have a large mane that they can poof to frighten enemies or intimidate other kaasht. They are also set apart by females by their stripes. Males have stripes only. No spots. The only exceptions are Isle kaasht males, who may have a few spots as well as stripes. These stripes can be in any way, shape, or form, but it must be a stripe. They can be of any color, any length, size, or place. They can have one stripe, or have their whole body covered in stripes. Their tails too are different. Males' tails are thin at the beginning, with fur hanging down at the bottom. When it nears the end, the fur poofs, making it look a lot like a jerboa's tail tuft at the end. A male's eye to mouth stripe follows the muzzle, and is generally even in shape.

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Females (Kaalaa) are generally slightly smaller than males. They are of lighter build, with longer legs and lighter, yet strong bone structure. Female Kaasht are generally the protectors of the family, but they do hunt and fight, especially the Plains Kaasht - gender roles vary greatly according to the species. Females have no mane, although on the tips of their ears they do have tufts. Female's eyes are generally a little larger than males, and the ears a little bigger, but the difference in barely noticeable. Females' tails are different from males. They are poofy throughout the whole tail, much like a fox's. They are thick, with thick fur, and like all kaasht tails, are prehensile. Females have spots instead of stripes. These spots, like a male's stripes, can be in any way, shape, or form, as long is she has spots. The only exception is the Plains Kaasht female which may have a few stripes. Female kaasht have a different eye to mouth stripe than males. Theirs is a teardrop shape that follows the contour of their muzzle.

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